Quality of water

       Based on hydro-geological indications (analysis natural sources), we IEBGB-1 drilling to a depth of 53 as a result we get the stable operation of a net capacity of 4 l / sec, trace water temperature 12 C.

According to the analysis of multiple comparable to current standards, get the highest quality low-mineral water “Golden Water”, with the following properties   Boring: IEBGB-1
Quality Among the most common kations are calcium ions milival with 71.197% and 27.414 to the magnesium miliwal% which account for almost all of the cationic composition. It is important that the water contains a minimum amount of sodium, only 2.46% milival.

The dominant anion is a hydrocarbon ion that has a stake of 91.077% milival. All other anions, including chlorine, are present in very small quantities.
Water quality is that it contains a negligible amount of sodium chloride and as such it can be drunk in large quantities, making it suitable for use in patients with high blood pressure and in heart and kidney patients.
Water belongs to the category of calcium-magnesium- hydro-carbonate and
very low sulfur cold, mineral water.

Specific gravity of 1.0005 g/cm3
Dry residue at 180 C: 316 mg /l
pH 6.68

Sodium (Na +)                            0,0033 mg/l
Potassium (K +)                          0.0017 mg/l
Calcium (Ca + +)                       0.0813 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg + +) 18          0,0180 mg/l
Dissolved gases (mg / l)

Carbon dioxide (CO2)                     0,0183mg/l

Hydrocarbons (HCO 3 -)               0.3942ml/l
Chloride (Cl-)                                   0.0027mg/l
Flouride (F-)                                     0,00o2mg/l
Nitrate (NO3 -)                               0,0100 mg/l
Sulfates (SO4-)                                0.0185 mg/l

In December of 2010 we performed IEBGB-2 drilling to a depth of 125 as a result we get the stable operation of a net capacity of 8, l / sec, trace water temperature of 12.5 oC.
According to the analysis of multiple comparable to current standards, get the highest quality trace mineral water “Golden Water”, with the following properties:
Mineral water IEBGB-2 has a low content of dissolved mineral matter
The perfect bacteriological clean-organoleptic has great refreshing taste,
Contains exceptionally balanced mineral composition with a small amount of sodium and fine amounts of calcium, magnesium carbonate and hydro which has a favorable effect on digestion and intestinal bowles and when they drink larger amounts given diuretic effect whereby the ejected
Harmful substances from the body as uric acid, sodium chloride and nitrogen.Na thereby “rinsed” kidney channels, and prevents the formation kidneys sand and stones.
It should be used in dietary programs for weight loss because it contains small amounts of
Sodium chlorine.because its diuretic effect is very suitable for people with heart disease and hug blood pressure.Devation to use all of the population of babies and small children to people in old age.
Water belongs mineral water, flawless purity and organoleptic value.

Boring: IEBGB-2
Mineralization of                          490 mg / l
Dry residue at                    180C: 330 mg/l
Conductivity:                             460qs/cm/2
pH 7.25

Sodium (Na +)                                 2,5mg/l
Potassium (K +)                               1.2mg/l
Calcium Ca + +)                           68.2mg/l
Magnesium(Mg + +)                   35.3 mg / l
Dissolved gases (mg / l)

Carbon dioxide (CO2)                      20.0 mg/l

Hydrocarbons (HCO 3 -)                              336.0 mg/l
Chloride (Cl-)                                                        8,2mg/l
Flouride (F-)                                                       <0.1mg/l
Nitrate (NO3 -)                                                     2.5mg/l
Sulfates (SO4-)                                                   23.0 mg/l

These waters are not required any technical adjustments, the water is bacteriologically completely correct and can be directly obtained from the wells (IEBGB-1, IEBGB-2)-well bottled.
In the procedure with the competent authorities and institutions obtained the written consent of all:
– Regulated land for construction having a total area of 1700 m / 2,
– All permits and approvals for the investigation and exploitation of water reserves, water investigations in both the boring and the time span of four seasons,
-Then you need all permits including. agreement on the exploration-exploitation field and exploitation rights to use wells for water IEBGB-1 1,5 l / s and IEBGB-2, 3 l / sec
– All permits for the right location, permits for the construction of water plant above the drill, including a study and Earth-mehanics solution of the sanitary protection zone of exploitation field.
Is secured by the respective Ministries total of 43 approvals for exploration and exploitation mineral water.
Final design of water plant and the business plan.
In this way we express our readiness for the joint implementation of investment projects the construction of modern water plant capacity 7200 bottles / h / l, 5 and appropriate business plan investments for foreign and domestic markets.
If there is interest in your business, we are especially pleased to present your professional team available documentation.
In the attached letter of intent submitted to:
– Information and illustrations of the location,
– A copy of the laboratory analysis of water,

– Plan the macro-micro sites

-Analysis of water (in time (4, four seasons)

Golden Water Ltd, is open to negotiations with all interested strategic partners for a joint venture to build a bottling plant of very high quality natural mineral water.


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